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SA Voices From the Field

May 28, 2020

Today on the SA Voices from the Field Podcast we are bringing you up to date information about the changes coming to TITLE IX.

On May 14, NASPA provided a free rapid response webinar with experts in the field on TITLE IX.  This discussion shared a panel of experts, representing a diverse range of perspectives from those...

May 21, 2020

Today’s episode of SA Voices From the Field continues our COVID-19 and Crisis Conversation series. Today we talk with two faculty guests that will speak about the disproportionate impact that the pandemic has had on communities of color. We talk with Dr. Charles H. F. Davis III who is an Assistant Professor of...

May 14, 2020

Today on SA Voices From the Field we will be having our first conversation about COVID-19 and the Student Affairs context. We’ll be talking about basic needs like food security, home security, healthcare, student emergency funding and internet. We have two great guests, Dr. Omar Estrada Torres, Dean of Students at

May 7, 2020

Today on SA Voices from the Field we are talking to Dr. Robert Kelly and Colin Stewart, the editors of the book Disruptive Transformation: Leading Creative and Innovative Teams in Higher Education which is now available from the NASPA bookstore and on Amazon. The authors of this new book share how disruptive...