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SA Voices From the Field

Jun 25, 2020

Today on SA Voices From the Field we have Pam Bowers, author of a new NASPA book called, Beyond the College Transcript: Innovative Strategies for Assessing and Documenting Student Learning

About the Book

Beyond the College Transcript explores innovative practices for assessing and documenting student learning to help higher education leaders answer these questions. This timely publication examines the current state of student learning data, with chapters that discuss methods for improving data quality and availability to benefit both students and higher education institutions. Featuring profiles of new and innovative models for modifying education records and transcripts that include cocurricular engagement data, the book emphasizes a holistic view of student learning.

As public demands for proof of the value of higher education continue to grow, colleges and universities are seeking better ways to convey what students learn and to consider how educational experiences contribute to student learning, persistence to graduation, and postgraduation success. Beyond the College Transcript offers strategies for developing comprehensive student learning records in order to advance student success, achieve institutional objectives, and provide evidence of the benefits of a college degree.