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SA Voices From the Field

Aug 13, 2020

Today on SA Voices from the Field we are exploring another brand new NASPA book called: Dismantling Hazing in Greek-Letter Organizations with authors Dr. Jason Meriwether, Dr. Elizabeth Allen and Joshua Brown.   

About the Book

More than half of college students are hazed in the process of joining student organizations, while 7 out of every 10 students who pledge or rush a fraternity or sorority experience some form of hazing or violence. In recent years, numerous student deaths caused by hazing have called into question the value of these organizations, while college leaders seek solutions that keep students safe.

Dismantling Hazing in Greek-Letter Organizations offers practical strategies to address the complexities of hazing culture and the challenges associated with recruitment and initiation in varying contexts. Each chapter focuses on the nuanced elements of hazing within sorority and fraternity subcultures and explores the hidden harms inside these secretive and tradition-laden systems.

This engaging publication shares insights into fraternal and sororal systems by examining under-researched elements of hazing and challenging unacceptable practices within those systems. Written by educators in practice who work directly with fraternity and sorority members, national organizations, and campus leaders, the book presents an extensive selection of effective prevention-based practices that all stakeholders—both on and off campus—can use. This text provides readers with new educative models and tools to mitigate the impact of “tradition” as it competes with the value for life within Greek-letter organizations with one ultimate goal: to save the lives of students.


What's Happening Around NASPA

Today we shared a number of NASPA events that are being held between now and January. You can find out more about all of these events on the NASPA website

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