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SA Voices From the Field

Jun 11, 2020

Today on SA: Voices From the Field we are speaking with Dr. Stephanie Budhai, author of the new NASPA publication Online & Engaged: Innovative Student Affairs Practices for Online Learner Success.

Online & Engaged shares best practices, case studies, examples, and strategies for providing authentic student development support for online learners through their college experience. With chapters by student affairs and higher education professionals across a variety of functional areas, this edited collection covers a full range of concepts, student development theory, and programs and services, including: mental health and well-being, career counseling, student engagement, multicultural affairs, academic advising, new student orientation, global learning, student affairs assessment, and Title IX programming.

Dr. Stephanie Budhai shared that her Student Affairs Handbook was her essential Student Affairs Read

If you would like to reach out to Dr. Stephanie Budhai you can or you can find her on Twitter as @DrBudhai