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SA Voices From the Field

Jul 11, 2019

This week on SA Voices from the field you will meet Kerry Burns as she talks about students making choices to engage in online escorting, or 'compensated companionship' as it has been called. At her campus she has seen a large number of students engaged with a particular online website, and she explores how we can support student rights and choices regarding a students' body, while addressing possible safety and public health concerns. 

This is a topic that you typically will not see spoken about in Student Affairs but it a growing issue, especially in cities where the cost of living is high.   

Kerry Burns refers a lot to Duke University and especially to the work of both Laura Andrews and Lindsey Parker.

Here are some links that will allow you to read more on this powerful topic:


So get out your notebook and be ready to learn as there are so many nuggets to take away from today's interview. 

Join your host Dr. Corliss Bennett to gain some practical insights and tips into how you can be the best student affairs professional you can be.