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SA Voices From the Field

Jul 30, 2020

Today on SA Voices from the Field we are bringing you a special interview with Josh Gana, Associate Director for Facilities and Operations and Special Projects for the Department of Housing and Food Services at the University of Washington. Josh shares his story of contracting COVID-19 and allows you an inside look at the reality behind this pandemic and how it can impact people within our profession.

What's Happening Around NASPA

One of the ways the Student Government KC hopes to help advisors is through connecting and sharing spaces to discuss the challenges and opportunities of advising student government. In the last two years we have hosted roundtable discussions at the National NASPA Conference that have been successful, and we want to replicate that throughout the year digitally. Join the Student Government Knowledge Community for our next Virtual Roundtable on August 6th via Zoom at 11:00am PT, 12:00pm MT, 1:00pm CT, 2:00pm ET! Come prepared to ask questions and share knowledge with colleagues from across the country. This roundtable discussion will be moderated by members of the SGKC team with guiding questions to help generate conversation. Sign up for our next virtual roundtable HERE!


Recognizing the racial and misogynoir battle fatigue we may be facing as Black higher education administrators across the country, the African American Knowledge Community is hosting a First Friday’s Check-in space to decompress, have conversations about what you are experiencing on your campuses, and share what support you need.

Friday August 7th, 2020

12 noon - 1:00pm (EST)

Please register using the following link:

Census 2020: Insights, Lessons, and Ideas (Tue Aug 4th at 3pm ET)
Join the NASPA CLDE Knowledge Community for a listening session focused on the 2020 Census. Our guest speakers, Leslie Garvin, Executive Director of NC Campus Compact, and Natalie Furlett, Executive Director of IL Campus Compact, will share their efforts around census participation and will highlight some insights/best practices. We will also invite participants to share what their campus communities did/are planning to do around the Census - together, let's work to get everyone counted! Sign up here.

Find Out More About the Pillars of the Profession and how you can nominate someone

Examining Social Class and Career Capital in First-Generation Undergraduate Students

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 @ 3pm-4pm ET

Presenters: Kimberlie Moock, Rashné Jehangir, Michael Stebleton, Todd Williams

Register in advance:

A key aspect of ensuring student success outcomes beyond degree completion is helping students build bridges connecting college to career. With institutions under pressure to produce career-ready graduates competent in the skills and abilities demanded by employers, it is imperative that we consider how to support students in building career capital. This session will explore how to support working-class first-generation students as they navigate the transition between college and the workplace… Ultimately, the session seeks to consider how educators can support students in building career capital and prepare to navigate the professional workplace before graduation.

This was a SCD KC-Sponsored Session for 2020 NASPA. We appreciate the presenters' willingness to adapt their session.

At the Intersection of Social Class and Career Development: Supporting Students

Thursday, August 6, 2020 @ 2pm-3pm ET

Presenters: Jon Cleveland, Tiffany Cresswell-Yaeger, Megan Downey, Jhaakira Jacobs, Jordan Thompson, Carolyn Meeker

Register in advance: 

Engage in a critical reflection on the impact of social class on career development, including the many ways that identity markers (i.e., race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship) interplay with social class and career development. The Student Career Development (SCD) and Socioeconomic and Class Issues in Higher Education (SCIHE) Knowledge Communities have partnered to engage the broader community in breaking apart the many barriers our low-SES and other marginalized students experience. Let's do better.

This was a Pre-Conference Session for 2020 NASPA, in collaboration with the Socioeconomic and Class Issues in Higher Education (SCIHE) KC. We appreciate the presenters' willingness to adapt to a 1-hour virtual session. 

If you want to reach out to Josh Gana, you can reach him at the following:

Twitter: @JoshGana