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SA Voices From the Field

Apr 27, 2023

This week on SA Voices From the Field, we interviewed Wadad Youssef El-Husseiny, Consultant to VP of Student Affairs at Qatar University.

Ms. Wadad Youssef El-Husseiny Consultant to VP of Student Affairs at Qatar University. She has worked at multiple institutions in the Middle East and started her career as Instructor of Social Sciences at Balamand University in Lebanon where she taught for a decade. In 2001, she joined the American University of Beirut as Director of Student Activities till 2009. Joined Qatar University as Consultant to VP of student affairs where she resumed the responsibility of Acting Director of Student Activities till May 2012. Since 2012 her role as consultant for the VP entitled her to get involved in various strategic initiatives to ensure the success of Qatar University students. She is the chair of the Student Affairs Professional Development committee at Qatar University.

Former vice president for the IASAS (International Association of Student Affairs and Services). Certified Springboard Trainer since 2010 which is Women’s empowerment program in collaboration with Springboard Consultancy. Member of the MENASA-NASPA board for 2020-2022.  Recipient of  the Wisdom Award of the Commission of Women’s Identities – ACPA in 2021. Interested in Leadership of Higher Education and Student Affairs, and women role in higher education. 

Well known for having her finger on the pulse of the region, Wadad continues to be an engaged advocate of professional development, and student affairs leadership in the Middle East.

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