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SA Voices From the Field

Jun 18, 2020

Today on SA: Voices From the Field we are speaking with Dr. Reyna Anaya and Dr. Heidi Hoskinson about the impact of COVID-19 on Small Colleges and Community College. 

Dr. Reyna Anaya is the Dean of Students at the Community College of Aurora and has been there since 2018. She directly oversees student service programs, including the care team, Colorado scholarship opportunity initiative, grant counseling services, disability and equity office, military, and veterans services, SAMSHA suicide prevention, grant, student intervention, and conduct student life transfer success initiatives, trio, SSS, and ESL programs and upward bound.

Dr. Hoskinson is Vice President of Enrollment Management and the Registrar at Roger State University in Claremore, Oklahoma

You can reach Dr. Anaya at

You can reach Dr. Hoskinson at or by phone at 918-343-7852