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SA Voices From the Field

Dec 12, 2019

This week on SA Voices from the field you will meet Dr. Kyle Ashlee, as we talk about The Student Affairs State of Affairs. The concepts shared today come from a researched blog article. He began researching for the post in August by putting a call out to the student affairs facebook page and his network of colleagues asking folks to share the top three issues on their mind as they entered the 2019 academic year. The responses he got were overwhelming and the trends were undeniable. After compiling the responses and analyzing them, he came up with the top 10 issues on the minds of student affairs professionals. From there, he went on to make connections between those issues and the larger influence of neoliberalism on higher education. Finally, he shared some insights about what professionals can do to promote their own wellness, the well-being of their students, and their institutions. All of these issues are shared in today's great episode.

So get out your notebook and be ready to learn as there are so many nuggets to take away from today's interview. 

Join your host Dr. Corliss Bennett to gain some practical insights and tips into how you can be the best student affairs professional you can be.